Pawsitive Walks has been providing professional animal care service to the Los Angeles region for almost ten years. We have experience with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and turtles, including purebreds, shelter rescues, and pets with behavior problems or special needs that require medical care.  

We work hard to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied, and that their owners are happy too!  We are licensed, insured and continually update our knowledge about pets. Pawsitive Walks is based on the principles of: Empowerment, Inspiration, Health, Authenticity and Gratitude.

1) We empower pet owners to have happy, balanced and peaceful relationships with their animal family members.
2) We inspire animals to be their best versions of themselves through training, confidence building, and clear communication. 
3) We increase your animals’ health through regular exercise and social interaction.
4) We are authentic in our interactions with animals and their owners, being honest, responsible, and respectful.
5) We are grateful for your trust and thrive on the referrals of happy clients.  

Pawsitive Walks is family owned and hires only fully qualified pet care providers that we trust with our own precious family members. We provide premium dog Board & Train and Private Training service across Southern California. Our Dog Walking and House Calls / Potty Walks services are currently available in the San Fernando Valley.  If you live in another area, we will refer you to another trusted company. 

The Pawsitive Walks Team

Alaina Snyder - Owner - Dog Trainer - Dog Walker 
Alaina grew up with an assortment of animals. Her passions were firmly cemented on horseback at age 2, and with her first dog, Sandy, who grew to be a 140lb. yellow lab. She has ridden horseback ever since, training, jumping, and being blessed to work with amazing horses.  
She has had dogs, cats, horses, turtles, lizards, fish, and rabbits. Alaina wanted to be a vet until being introduced to shoulder length exam gloves in Jr. High.  While starting her pet care business, Alaina had a successful career in emergency management at a Fortune 500 defense contractor and the University of California. Being in "worst case scenario" mode wasn't the life Alaina wanted, so she took her positve outlook and desire to help people, and made Pawsitive Walks her full time career and passion. Alaina also volunteers her dog training skills to local rescue groups, helping their dogs get ready for their forever homes.  
Alaina's dog, Kona, is a rescued black lab/pointer mix.  She helps her "mom" demonstrate training concepts, socialize other dogs, and shows how even an energetic dog can lead a calm and balanced life. Alaina's two cats are both rescues and help teach dogs that kitties are not for chasing or eating.
"I began Pawsitive Walks as a full time career to help keep animals in loving homes. A well behaved, well exercised pet is more likely to stay with their family and have a long and happy life. I love being a part of that life" 


Krista Curler - Dog Walker/Pet Sitter
Krista was born in Texas where her love of and curiosity about animals was apparent early and often. As a young child, she would follow animals, to observe them, while often attempting to play, chase, touch, pet, cuddle and adopt. Her family moved to northern California into military housing (where animals were strictly prohibited) when she was 13. It was heart breaking when her family had to find new homes for their beloved pets. She quickly made up for this by bonding with friends' and other family members' pets. She eventually became everyone's go-to resource for pet sitting. She and her husband moved from Sacramento to North Hollywood in 2011 to pursue her career in the entertainment insurance industry. After over a decade of her life spent in a cubicle she eventually choose to leave the office environment. Her love of dogs led Krista to meet Alaina at the local dog park. Krista and Alaina became fast friends, as Krista kept coming back to spend time with the Pawsitive Walks pack.  Krista's natual pack leader ability quickly became apparent and she joined the Pawsitive Walks team.  Krista and her husband recently adopted a cattle dog mix puppy that is already a great example of the Pawsitive Walks training system.  



Take a few moments to call us at tel:818-925-5748 or fill out our Contact form and we will call you as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you and serving your family's needs.