Getting your pets through the holidays

Nov 28, 2013


Remember that holidays can be stressful times for your pet.  Here are some helpful tips to get everyone through these special days, happy and healthy:

  • When guests arrive, have them ignore your dog until your dog is calm, allowing your furry friend to acclimate to each new person. \
  • If your dog is super excited or nervous during a party, this is a great time to practice the "place" command or give you dog some quiet time in another room to decompress. 
  • If your cat is fearful or stressed, quiet time in another room is a great tool to help kitty too.
  • Ask guests not to feed human food to your pets.  The following foods are dangerous: turkey bones/skin/dark meat, fatty ham, butter/oil/meat drippings, onions, garlic, rasins, grapes, alcohol, sage, xylitol, and chocolate.  If your pet accidentally ingests any of these, call your vet or animal poison control.
  • Does your dog or cat like to steal food from tables or counters?  Keep an eye on your food and use an item like a Pet Convincer to deter the unwanted behavior.  This also works great for pets that jump on guests.  
  • Wrapping paper, ribbons, tinsel, and other holiday decor can also be dangerous to your pet.  Anything long and stringy (tinsel, ribbon, etc.), can get tangled in your pet's intestines if ingested.  This can be deadly and/or lead to very expensive vet bills.  Better to play it safe and keep these tempting items out of the way.  
  • Don't forget that changes in your routine are difficult for pets.  Remember to spend quiet time with your furry friend, take your dog on walks, keep feeding times consistent, and anything else to limit the disruption to your pet's schedule.  

If your dog needs help with problem behaviors before your next party or event, call us at 818-WALKS-4-U.

Happy Holidays from Pawsitive Walks