Dog Walking

IMG_0473-1.jpgJust like humans, dogs need exercise, love and socialization, so they rely on us to take them on regular dog walks.  If you are unable to give your dog all the exercise or potty breaks he/she needs or deserves, we can help! 

If you've been through one of our training programs or a similar one, our dog walking service will reinforce the training that your dog has already received, and will help keep your dog in a balanced and healthy state of mind.  This is a unique service that only we provide.

We walk dogs 7 days a week and can accommodate many schedules.  Pawsitive Walks will pick-up/drop-off your dog at your home or place of business.  You can find us on beautiful hikes, at parks, and in local neighborhoods.  We also occasionally take small groups of awesome dogs on field trips to the beach, dog events, or the snow!

Most dogs benefit from the socialization of group walks with our friendly, stable dog packs.  If your dog needs individual attention or doesn't like other dogs, we also do individual walks that will be customized to your pooch's needs.  

1) Training reinforcement

2) Fun!
3) Healthy weight and longer life expectancy
4) Reduce anxiety and destructive behaviors stemming from boredom or loneliness
5) Socialization skills

Most days we post pictures to Facebook and Instagram of our walk/hike.  We will also email or text you pictures if your dog does anything particularly cute or was in a beautiful place worth documenting. 

Group Dog Walk/Hike/Park Visit      
- 1 Dog     ...    35
- 2 Dogs   ...    50
- 3 Dogs   ...    65

Individual Dog Walk/Hike  - 45 min              
- 1 Dog     ...    40  
- 2 Dogs   ...    50
- 3 Dogs   ...    55    

Individual Dog Walk/Hike  - 30 min              
- 1 Dog     ...    30  
- 2 Dogs   ...    40
- 3 Dogs   ...    45    

Prices subject to change for extra large dogs, puppies, and further than 5 miles from zip code 91335.      
We start all of our new clients with a free consultation at your home.  Please fill out the New Client Form AND call Tel:818-925-5748 to set up your consultation.