I contacted Alaina because of the reviews I found on yelp and she was absolutely amazing to work with! I have a German shepherd who was nervous being around other dogs and we dreaded taking her to the dog park due to her reaction. Working with Alaina I got fast results and we were able to have my shepherd go on pack walks!! Her methods are safe and positive and she truly cares about each person and animal she works with!
– Kristina E.
alaina is great with dogs. she was on time and solved our problem of walking buddie our dog. very friendly and helpful.would highly recommend her
– Fred M.
We were having many problems with our young, rescued terriers before we met Alaina. When I first saw her calmly walking what appeared to be a half-dozen dogs of different breeds, I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to pull over and ask her who she was and how she achieved such order. When the dogs all sat quietly by her side as we chatted, I was convinced Alaina was the answer to our problems. Whatever it was she had, I wanted.

I made an appointment with Alaina to come to my home and meet my little ones. When she arrived, it was if our terriers knew right away she was someone they needed to pay attention to. They did not bark or jump as they usually did. Instead, they looked at her with what appeared to be respect. Expressions they never looked at us with!

Alaina made us feel very comfortable, and it was obvious she wanted to help us. She explained her services, and she was honest about what could and could not be expected if we decided to move forward with working with her. She made it very clear she was not interested in working with us unless we were willing to trust her and follow through on her recommendations.

After a two-week board and train, our "crazy" terriers were returned to us compliant and respectful. Alaina really opened our eyes to the mistakes we had been making. Previously, I thought I could apply the same training methods that worked with my sleepy, lazy shih tzus (who had passed away a couple of years earlier) . Alaina helped me realize that there is not a one-size fits all approach to training. She also enlightened me to the fact that I could not expect my terriers to act like shih tzus. My terriers needed more from me. I needed to step up my game!

Alaina showed us the tools and techniques we needed to help our dogs stay calm and obedient on neighborhood walks. She also helped us correct the huge mistakes we were making in our approach to maintaining order and sanity in our home. Our terriers aren't perfect, but they are MUCH MUCH better. Now, I feel I am in control. Thank you Alaina!

Stacey S.
– Stacey S.
We have 2 rescued Terriers named Buddy and Baby who had Major leash and home behavior issues. Before we met Alaina they collectively ate the wooden baseboards, door mouldings, antique doll cabinets and ottomans, leather decorative couch pillows, shoes, carpets and would jump into my prized 12' tall indoor Palms and dig to the bottom destroying the roots and eating the leaves, trunks and branches. One day I came home from work and there was an inch of soil covering the entire living room! They also treated our large "L" shaped couch as an INDY 500 race track chasing each other at record breaking speeds. Baby would scratch me with her paws when she wanted attention so violently that I had bleeding scabs on my forearms when I interviewed Alaina the first time. On walks they would explode at the sight of any dogs even as far away as a Block! They would even "Go Off" on women pushing their children in stollers. Stacey was VERY unhappy and happened to see Alaina walking a pack of perfectly behaved dogs of every imaginable size and shape together in perfect harmony. Stacey jumped out of the car and got Alaina's phone number. We set up a Board and Train with Alaina for two weeks and went on vacation. When we returned Alaina gave us back two completely different well behaved dogs in the same fur as the previous ones! We now have the tools and skills to continue the successful training process thanks to Alaina.
It has been three weeks now and NOTHING has been chewed, we walk them in a relaxed fashion and they are now in our command with most flare ups being a thing of the past. I am also recovering my dignity as a proud local dog owner. Alaina's Pawsitive walks training Program has brought so much joy and control to our lives! Buddy and Baby are much happier and secure and Stacey is HAPPY! Thanks Alaina!
– Sean M.
I don't have enough positive things to say about Alaina, she is wonderful!
She's watched my dog several times plus this last time she did some training. In a span of two days, she completely turned my dog around! He went from crazy hyper to laying calmly in his spot for hours.
Truly amazing.
And he's gone from pulling on his leash like a train to being the most docile and well behaved boy. IN LESS THAN TWO DAYS! I can't imagine what she could do in a week.
I'll be using Pawsitive for any dog sitting needs and any future training issues.
– Gal L.
I adopted Bella from the city pound when she was a day away from being put to sleep to make more space for incoming dogs. She had been returned to the pound twice already because of her behavior. I rented a room in Tarzana and Bella was making it very difficult for my landlord to allow her to stay. So I asked around if anyone knew of someone who can train the wildness out of her. One of my clients recommended Alaina and I decided to give it a shot.
Within the space of two weeks of boarding, Bella came back with discipline and followed commands as if she never was how she was. I can't imagine the time and effort it must have taken to take an dog like Bella and turn her into the loving obedient princess that I have with me now. If anyone wants a more obedient and loving dog, Alaina is the person to go to. I owe her my gratitude and Bella owes her her life!
– Savanas X.
I've got two, high-energy Boxers that were troublesome to walk- they were inattentive, I was constantly choking them (I know! I was still using a choke chain.), and the older Boxer snapped at old folks from the assisted living home at the end of our block!

Alaina first gave me some wonderful background on the prong collar, brought two prong collars with her, and promptly began getting my dogs used to the collar. We took the dogs on a walk together where she showed me how to properly apply pressure, how to "ask" my dogs to sit, and how to wear out my dogs mentally with tasks during the walk since it's really tough to walk them far enough to physically wear them out.

Months later, it is a joy to walk my dogs! They sit when I "ask", they know commands, they are tuned in to me, and my husband and I agree that we both feel more in control of our dogs with the prong collars on. I even feel safe to take our Boxers on playdates with my 6 year olds friends because they listen so attentively now, along with the effectiveness of the collars. Having well behaved dogs has made me love them even more and for that I am really grateful!
– Mary H.
It's taken me a few weeks to write this because I wanted to find the perfect words to describe our experience with Alaina. Other than, it was perfect.

First, a little background info...we adopted an amazing, loving, high energy pitbull who wanted nothing more than to go on walks and lick your face. The problem with the walks was she would pull me down the street, I had no control and she had zero manners. The last straw came when she got her front feet tangled in her leash, and as I bent down, she brought her head up full force to give me a kiss. The result was a concussion and loads of frustration on my part. We also have a high strung miniature poodle who thought he ran the house.

After doing some research, I came across Alaina and was impressed with how highly people spoke of their experiences with her. I called her, she came over, we talked and decided the best course of action would be a two week board and train for our girl.

Alaina kept in constant contact with us while our pittie was with her, sent tons of photos showing the progress being made and also came to our house to work with us and our poodle.

When the time came for Zelda to come home, I couldn't believe the difference between her now and the dog that left! She sits, does a down/stay, I can open my front door and she still stays in place and best of all are the walks! She walks right by my side and I'm able to loosely hold the leash!

We worked on these same skills at home with our poodle and got the same amazing results! Alaina explained how important it is to work their minds as well as their bodies and provided us with a wealth of knowledge.

One more thing I want to point out - Alaina worked with my kids and taught them the same skills that I learned. My kids range in age from 9 to 16 and Alaina said she didn't have much experience working with kids, but you'd never have known. She was patient and wonderful with my kids. Alaina trained our human family and our fur family with respect and loads of encouragement. The money is beyond well spent and everyone is much happier now.

Thank you, Alaina!
– Natalie N.
I'm always apprehensive about boarding my dog, especially as he gets older. I handed Alaina the leash and an hour later started receiving text and video updates on my dog's training/boarding progress--at that moment, I knew my dog was in good hands. Alaina creates a wonderful and calm environment conducive to training, safety, and comfort.
– Jonathan B.
I have 2 dogs..a small beagle and a small poodle mix. And in fairness, I will say they were never truly taught proper walking as we lived in hot climate and had a yard. So when I moved back to LA and into an apartment, my daily walks (up to 8 or more a day) proved to be brutal. The beagle was put the brakes on while the poodle would pull forward and jump and lunge - especially when there was another dog around (which there always is). I told Aliana that I was pulling my hair out. Walks were miserable for me. She suggested I use the prong collar and take her class Pawsitive Walking. I was VERY hesitate about the collar, but Aliana gently and calmly showed me what it does to us humans and how it feels to a dog. I used the collard but still was having issues. Then I took the Pawsitive Walk class with her and Wayla!!! Bingo.....I can FINALLY walk my dogs without all the tugging, pulling and brake stopping. We can go on long walks and I actually enjoy myself. My girls are happier cause we actually walk for longer periods of time now. She is a god-send!

Alaina is truly wonderful. I have 2 small dogs, a small beagle and a poodle mix and I knew from the first moment I met her and my girls met her that she was going to be great with them. She takes them on long walks and to the park and sends me updates, videos and messges. Today we happened to be at the park together and my little poodle got injured and not only did she calm me down, but she wiped off the blood on Isabella and made sure she was alright. I called Alaina the other day at the last moment and she took the girls and sent me a report. It's so wonderful and comforting to know that not only can I completely trust her, but that she takes such great care of my babies. I highly recommend and trust her completely.
– Carolyn E.
My new girlfriend was having a rough time keeping her two furry kids from misbehaving around the house. They would disobey and sleep on her bed, scratch at doors and people to get their attention, and were nervous on walks outside. I introduced Alaina to her and Alaina was able to come out to her home and assess the dogs over a two hour period. I love that Alaina took the time and effort to carefully observe and document all the problem behaviors and record the two dogs while out on walks in order to go over, point by point, what my gf SHOULD be doing. I was so impressed and surprised that once her suggestions were used, the dogs behaviors have both vastly improved - everything from whining and startling around other animals to their behavior on a leash. I cannot recommend Pawsitive Walks services and Alaina's expertise enough! Such a fantastic and committed trainer you will definitely find easy to work with! Cheers Alaina and thank you! All I can say is, Pawsitive Walks is a wonderful service and Alaina is a caring and engaging individual who listens and cares about her customers. I highly recommend using her service if you want friendly, affordable and fabulous service!!
– Devin M.
We have 2 dogs with very different personalities...Willow is a Weimeroner and Madi is a Shepherd mix. They have been "step-sisters" for about 4 years now.

We have some behavioral problems that we wanted addressed - walking on leash without pulling, sleeping on their own mats instead of the bed, scratching the holy heck out of the patio door whenever they want to enter the house.

Alaina was FABULOUS with the dogs and gave us some valuable insight into the mindset of these dogs...and she taught us some valuable lessons as well! The owners do have to be trained as well!

We would recommend this service to EVERYONE who has a dog, or better yet a puppy...start their life off on the right paw! It will save the pain, anguish, anxiety and sanity for all involved!
– Valerie O.
Alaina did an excellent job getting my dog to walk on a leash without pulling. My neighbor, who walks my dog daily, said my dog was always pulling at the leash and it was starting to hurt her back from all the tugging. I met Alaina at a dog park and explained my situation. She explained the different collars to me and suggested the collar I should get my dog. For a great price, I got a collar and a training session. My dog adjusted so quickly and so nicely from Alaina's training my neighbor couldn't believe it. Within two walks my dog no longer pulled on the leash. When I walked my dog without the new collar, she didn't pull at all anymore. She actually leaves slack on the leash now.

Thanks Alaina!!! Your clients, moreover their dogs, are lucky to have you. Finding a person who cares as much as Alaina is difficult.
– Tom R.
We contacted Alaina to train our wild Beagle, Basil. She is a master trainer. After one session he walked perfectly on leash. Now he can be off leash and behaves perfect. Before he would jet after squirrels and rabbits, now he is a perfect pup.

After we had such success with the training we decided to switch our dog walking service and go with Alaina. Not only are her prices very reasonable she does a great job. He is tired after their walks/hikes every time and that is not easy to do with him. Basil loves Alaina, as do me and my wife. She helps us whenever we work late, have an emergency, go out of town, etc.

It has been over a year that she has been walking Basil and I am proud to say that Alaina is part of our family!!!
– Zack K.
Alaina is the consummate professional and truly cares about your pets. I was getting ready to get married, and my then fiance and I were apprehensive about finding a trusted pet sitter. We took our dog to the Sepulveda Off-Lease Dog Park one day mere weeks before our wedding. It was pure luck that I ran into Alaina. Immediately, I got a good feeling about her and I liked her right away. She was actually working with some of her clients and her own dog. She did a house visit to meet our other dogs, and has given us some great advice regarding training issues. We got married and came home to happy furkids, an intact house, and she had no drama to report. I love her philosophy and her easygoing manner. She works so hard, and is constantly finding new opportunities to participate in her own continuing education. I really can't say enough great things about her. Pawsitive Walks is awesome!!!
– Madeline M.
To all you dogowners out there in the san fernando valley who look for a great dog trainer, dont think twice! Pawsitive walk is your choice both professionally and financially! Read my previous post and you will understand.

To the amazing pawsitive walk/Alaina!!
Two weeks training for my dogs was the best decision we ever made.
Thanks to you, our relationship with our dogs has transformed a great deal.
Instead of living our life according to them, now they live their life according to us. It's a huge different state of mind and because of you we were able to accomplish that. Our dogs now respond to every command we give, they don't run off or do anything they aren't suppose to do. We learned that love is given for positive actions and not for negative. Once we lead them, everything is much easier. We feel more confident taking them anywhere we want because we know that they will behave.
So if anyone is looking for that kind of change, or just making you life easier with any kind of dog, then don't hesitate cause Alaina is your trainer!
P.S. I know money is a major issue regarding this subject. Pawsitive walk is the best price for the best result you'll ever find!
– Omri E.
Alaina has been a wonderful friend to my dog and me from the moment we met! She is knowledgable, patient, and kind, while still being confident and assertive with her training. Alaina has been AMAZING in helping me train my dog to walk on leash without pulling or dragging me around. Previously, a walk with my dog would be frustrating and exhausting and her pulling would often exacerbate my old neck/shoulder injury. Now it is more fun for both of us and we are able to get out more often, which is a win-win :) This is especially important now, as I have a baby on the way and I needed to feel that I could safely bring my dog on walks with the baby/stroller - or be forced to leave her at home. I am so grateful to Alaina for making it possible for me to give proper attention and adequate exercise to my human baby and fur baby alike! Thank you so much. XOXOX
– Anna G.
When my dog returns from her weekly walks, she always returns happy and excited to get the attention and time to play with other dogs. I would highly recommend Pawsitive Walks to anyone who is too busy to walk their dog and give them much needed social interaction which has also helped her in social situations.
– Mike A.
We originally ran into Alaina at PetSmart when we went to buy a training aid because our pup was pulling on the leash while out for a walk. She explained to us that the "prong" collar was the way to go - we bought it but really didn't use it properly. She told us she also trained dogs so because of her enthusiastic and knowledgable attitude we researched her reviews and then signed up for the Pawsitive Puppy training. What a wonderful and remarkable behavioral change we got starting with the first session. She corrected his pulling & door darting in the first session & then instructed us how to properly use the prong collar & walk the dog. What a tremendous difference - he walks so nicely now. If you open the door, he sits patiently until you go out first & waits for the command to exit. In subsequent sessions, she trained him on remaining in "place" & staying in that spot even while distracted. There is much more that he learned in these 4 sessions (5 hours total) that I won't elaborate here. Suffice to say that you will not be sorry if you allow Alaina to assist you in training your dog. She's well worth it.
– Akiko B.
Alaina is the best dog trainer and boarder that I have ever left my dog with. Unlike times I've left him elsewhere, he comes back so well mannered and I can also tell that aside from the stellar training he gets while he's there, he gets the love and affection that he needs, on top of lots of exercise. I highly recommend Alaina and Pawsitive Walks to anyone looking for someone reliable and on point to train, walk, or watch their pup!"
– Violet V.